Another of Toy Maker's Masterpieces

"The Lament Configuration"
"The Box of Obsessions"


This is not just another puzzle box... This is the largest Puzzle Box in the world, measuring 24"x24"x24" plus a 2" tall toe-kick. This Puzzle Box End-Table, is made from the finest of Mahogany plywood, and industrial powder-coated aluminum panels. This finished box weighs in at a whopping 75 pounds.


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Just to give you an idea of this boxes scale.

There are mysteries in this world which are best left unsolved. Take the puzzle box created by the French craftsman and toymaker, Philip LeMarchand -- the box which would come to be known (by the few who know of it) as the Lament Configuration.

The box's very name echoes a small inkling of what it brings. But those that seek the box are not so easily dissuaded by a name, they are true "explorers of forbidden pleasure".
These are creatures that have walked the paths of carnal pleasure, of pure hedonism, and found them wanting. Such a person is numb to what our world offers and hungry for the offerings and songs of the other side.
The promise the box holds is that of pleasures that only a handful have ever felt. Sensations that have no name in human language, much less a description. Sadly, most that seek out the box just simply seek to "feel" again.
The sad lesson that the box teaches those that solve it is an ancient one, be careful of what you wish for...

Most who seek out "pleasure beyond the senses" really have no idea of what exactly they seek, or how far such pleasures can take them. We, as humans and as creatures of this world, have formed an idea of what pleasure is, of what carnal knowledge brings and what wealth, power and such can promise.

In our human arrogance we forget to think that this is a rather humble idea of the reality of pleasure, forged by life within our paradigm. Beyond our senses and beyond our limits there is more, so much more.
This is the promise the Cenobites bring the new acolytes of Leviathan. Upon being summoned they begin their slow methodical walk out of hell and into our world. They come to pluck the one who summoned and take them to their world. To teach him the ways of Leviathan, and the Order of the Gash.
There is no pain; there is no pleasure, only intensity. They mold the flawed human flesh into art and bring to the senses conditions which human beings are not meant to experience, much less enjoy.

Those that feel the embrace of the Cenobites enjoy it eternally, within the confines of The Labyrinth -- Leviathan's domain. Here they must wander the halls to be subjected to the exercises in experience and Order that the Cenobite deal. Some are kept locked away, in their own, custom-made personal hells. A hell handcrafted to meet one's darkest fear...

But don't worry, it's just a puzzle box...

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